The new generation of Sun Odysseys reflects harmony on board, and this well-being flows from a clever ergonomic design.The new Sun Odyssey 440 benefits from an entirely new, innovative layout for greater ease of movement about the boat. At once seaworthy and welcoming, cosy and sporty, masculine and feminine, the Sun Odyssey 440 is as attractive on the interior as on the exterior.

The ambiance is warm and polished, soft and welcoming. On the interior, they feature clean lines and a spacious open layout. Sun Odysseys offer a harmonious design for easy handling and enjoying life on board.


Power: 57 L.S.

Year of descent: 2018

Length: 13m

Width: 12,64m

Decks: 1

Cabins: 4

Bedrooms: 8

Displacement: 8561

Guests: 10